Dr. Matan Gutman

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Dr. Gutman is an expert in administrative and public law, with extensive academic and practical experience in governmental and legal affairs. He served as a legal assistant to President of the Supreme Court (ret.) Aharon Barak, as a legal assistant in the Supreme Court to Justice Salim Joubran, as an advisor to the Minister of Internal Security Avi Dichter, and as the Chief of Staff of the State Comptroller and Ombudsman and Public Complaints Commissioner.

Dr. Gutman wrote his doctoral thesis under the supervision of President (ret.) Prof. Aharon Barak and Prof. Ariel Bendor at Bar-Ilan University, focusing on the interrelationship between the Knesset and the government and the role of the gatekeepers in Israeli democracy. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Government from the Interdisciplinary Center and is a licensed attorney from Harvard Law School in the United States.

Currently, Dr. Gutman teaches at the Law School of Reichman University, runs a law firm specializing in administrative and constitutional law, and owns a consulting company in the fields of ethics, human rights, and technology. Additionally, he serves as the legal commentator for the Ynet website, a member of the Public Council for Privacy Protection in the Ministry of Justice, and a member of the advisory committee to the Minister of Justice in the areas of law and technology.

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