Ido Pick

About me

Ido comes to us directly from the office of the Minister for Social Equality, Mirav Cohen, where he served as a professional advisor in recent years. Among other things, he led the establishment of the Public Council for the Affairs of Elderly Citizens, worked on formulating a service charter for the financial system for the elderly, and advocated for the rights of Holocaust survivors and more.

In his previous roles, Ido served as a parliamentary advisor to several members of the Knesset, promoting legislation and parliamentary activity on various issues. Additionally, he worked in the Scouts movement as a factory coordinator in charge of the coast and the Mishmar HaShiv'im center, Yehud.

Ido holds a Bachelor's degree with honors in Sustainability and Government from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Bar Ilan University.

Ido believes strongly in the importance of the direct relationship between citizens and government, and in public policy that listens to the public, which is exactly what he aims to do at the Center for Empowering Citizens.

Hani Schneider

projects manager
About me

Hani Schneider is a project manager at the Center for Empowering Citizens.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Political Science from Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College and a Master's degree in Communication and New Media Studies from the Interdisciplinary Center.

Hadar Izrael

PMO - Data and Digitization
About me

Hadar joins us after holding several roles in civil society organizations, local authorities, and significant permanent service as a project manager. He leads the digital transformation process for central projects, thus creating a robust infrastructure that enhances the organization's impact. With a deep understanding of the nonprofit world and extensive experience in project management and organizational optimization.

Hadar believes that data utilization is the only way to make effective decisions and to succeed in creating a better reality, there is a need to increase collaboration among sectors (business, public, social).

Michal ben Moshe

Manager of the "Monitor" project
About me

Michal holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Communication and a Master's degree in Public Policy, both with honors from the Hebrew University. Michal is a graduate of the third cohort of the "Tzo'arim for Public Service" program, training future public managers. She served as a policy promotion manager in the national cyber array and as a senior manager for policy and projects in the Ombudsman for Children and Youth's Out-of-Home Care Division at the Ministry of Welfare. With deep familiarity with the governmental system, extensive project management experience, strategy formulation, policy leadership, implementation, international organization work, group facilitation, and more.

She believes in collaboration and dialogue as key to addressing any challenge, including within the framework of government-citizen relations. Michal is the partner of Bar and the mother of Goni and Nadav. Originally from the Galilee, she now resides in Tel Aviv.

Avital Stern

administrative manager
About me

Avital completed her Bachelor's degree in Political Science, Psychology, and Philosophy at Tel Aviv University.

Before joining us, she worked at the Ministry of Justice in the Land Registry and simultaneously specialized in the Israeli Knesset.

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