Dr. Jamil Awaida R.I.P

Date published:

An educator, earned a B.A in Education, Political Science and Hebrew Literature from Bar Ilan University, an M.A in Education and Bible studies from Haifa University and a Ph.D in the Finance of Education from abroad. Began his professional career as a teacher, advancing to supervisory positions at the Ministry of Education. Held various positions in many public institutions including the Workers’ Council, the Histadrut (General Organization of Workers), the Public Council of Kupat Holim (General Sick Fund), Foreign Affairs Division at the Histadrut, the Association for Democracy and the Association for Promoting the Olive Industry in Israel. Member of the Committee for the Integration of Minorities, personally appointed by former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, RIP. Took part in many diplomatic delegations abroad. In recent years has been a member of the Beit Hagefen Public Council in Haifa and the professional team of the Aaron Ofri/Mashav International Training Center, where he coordinated and led groups of trainees from abroad, including Middle Eastern countries.

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