National Plan for promotion of preschool education (ages 3-4 years)

what was decided?

The National Plan of the Ministries of Education and Finance with the collaboration of the local authority for promotion of preschool education (ages 3-4 years)


In fact, the second assistant preschool teacher reform continues the process that began in 2012 with the implementation of the government decision regarding public, free of charge education to toddlers aged 3-4. The reform was launched following government approval and in collaboration with the Federation of Local Authorities, and consisted of including a second assistant, in addition to the first one, in preschool classes for children aged 3-4. The reform plan includes an increase of about NIS 400 million in preschool budgets.


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What's up with that?

As at August 2016, the reform has been implemented, and in the vast majority of relevant preschools a second assistant was added. However, the process is laden with difficulties - insufficient training of the second assistants, the fact that most of them are employed by sub-contractors, no budgeting for Fridays, etc.

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The second assistant preschool teacher reform
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