Follow-up report: Implementation of the government resolution to implement the State panel’s recommendations for eradicating racism against Ethiopian Israelis

what was decided?


The "Palmor Committee" was a product of the public protest by the Ethiopian Israelis, and was set up as a result of Government Resolution no. 1107 in 2016. The committee’s recommendation was formulated through joint work by senior representatives of several government ministries, social activists from the Israeli-Ethiopian community, and academics, and its purpose was to provide a comprehensive, infrastructural response to institutional racism towards citizens in general, and towards those of Ethiopian origin in particular. Most of the recommendations were adopted in two government resolutions – no. 1958 in August 2016, which is the subject of this report, and no. 2254 of December 2016, which deals with recommendations concerning the police.
Government Resolution 1958 refers to a large number of government ministries and includes guidelines in various areas, with regard both existing government activities and units (Ministry of Education programs, teacher training, surveys of State employees, activity of National Commission for Equal Employment Opportunities), and to the establishment of new units and mechanisms (a designated unit in the Ministry of Justice, periodic reports on activity, relevant appointments in government ministries).
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What's up with that?

Two years after the government resolution was passed, we can say that significant parts of it have actually been promoted, with emphasis on the activity of the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General – although not always according to the schedules set. In this we can include the establishment of the Ministry of Justice’s designated Anti-Racism unit and its activity (publication of an annual activity report, responding to complaints, implementing the government resolution, creating a list of media experts and setting up an advisory public committee). This also applies to many actions that were the responsibility of the Attorney General.
At the same time, many actions that were assigned to ministries and entities other than the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General have been implemented either partially or not at all – this is the case with most activities assigned to the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, and parts of those assigned to the Civil Service Commission.
In addition, in some of the units that existed before the government resolution, the resolution was treated as a “recommendation” only, and it did not change their priorities. For example, the Ministry of Education has not developed binding training for teachers on racism, has not adjusted the content of textbooks, and is not working to encourage multicultural content in schools. Even in the National Commissioner for Equal Employment Opportunities, it is difficult to point to clear and defined changes following the report’s recommendations and the guidelines in the government resolution.



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