Abatement of Violence against Medical Staff

what was decided?

According to the Government decision a bi-ministerial team would be established, with the aim of developing a plan for abating violence experienced by medical staff at hospitals and community clinics. The plan will include prevention, enforcement, execution of judgment and supporting actions such as: training medical staff, public education programs and measurement and evaluation of the plan's effectiveness.

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What's up with that?

This decision has been implemented as a successful pilot program in six governmental hospitals. The pilot includes permanent placement of policemen at the hospitals, an initiative which promotes prevention and enforcement. However, contrary to the Government decision, the plan has not been implemented in all hospitals and community clinics. Moreover, due to an accounting obstacle in transferring the necessary funds to hospitals belonging to the HMO's, the pilot program has not been initiated at a further hospital. The future of the pilot program after 2016 is yet unclear, and moreover the tasks of execution of judgment towards assailants and public education have not been implemented.

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מיושם חלקית
Program for abatement of Violence against Medical Staff
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