Improving the efficiency of the “price regulation mechanism”

what was decided?

The government decision was made as part of governmental efforts to reduce the cost of living. The purpose of the decision is to increase enforcement and control over implementation of the provisions of the supervision law, to increase the efficiency of the price supervision mechanism, to regulate the authorities of the supervising bodies and to adjust them to the current financial reality, and to create a uniform policy regarding the method of supervising over consumer products and services and increasing the transparency of supervision mechanisms to the general public.


The main factors responsible for implementing the decision are the Ministry of Finance and especially the Chairperson of the “Prices Committee”. The “Prices Committee” was established under the Supervision Law and has a range of authorities including recommending prices and setting criteria for examining the need to revise prices.

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What's up with that?

The government decision was only partially implemented and it was delayed from its original schedule. Legislation amendments aimed at improving the government's ability to supervise prices and to ensure a fair, relevant and reduced consumer price were not implemented. Among the amendments relating to the ability of the prices committee to lower prices, to employ efficient enforcement tools, to set time schedules and to provide the regulator with stronger tools in his ability to obtain information from the market, meaning from the producers and retail chains. In addition, a modern management system was not established in order to supervise and follow-up on the supervision implementation activities. Internal governmental work procedures were not defined for bringing together and improving the interfaces of the relevant ministries. Even those sections within the government decision that were implemented (establishment of a central website and appointment of a general coordinator for the “Prices Committee”), were implemented at a substantial delay compared to the schedule defined in the decision.

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Supervision over prices
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