Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the efficiency of energy consumption in the Israeli economy

what was decided?

Towards the Climate Summit in Paris, and in light of the cancellation of the National Program for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energies (Decision 2508), the government decision sets new targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, defining the national target at 8.8 tons greenhouse gas emissions per capita in 2025 and 7.7 tons in 2030.  In addition, it was agreed that electricity consumption would be reduced by at least 17% by 2030 and the use of private vehicles by 20% by 2030.  Finally, electrical production from renewable energy would reach 13% by 2025 and 17% by 2030. The decision was allocated a budget of NIS 800 million for the years 2016-2019.  As part of the decision, within a month and a half the Ministries of Energy, Environmental Protection, Economy and Finance are required to submit to the government a plan which would lead to meeting the above targets.

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What's up with that?

The government decision was implemented at a delay from its original schedule. In April 2016, another government decision was reached, forming a new policy on this matter. The reasons for the delay involved professional disagreements between the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry for Environmental Protection regarding the steps to be taken in order to meet the targets.

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Formation of a new governmental policy towards reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energies
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