Promotion and Integration of Women in the Public Service

what was decided?

The Government's decision adopts a Government report on promoting the employment of women in the public service and to this end adopts a series or steps: Setting a five-year plan to promote women in the public service backed by a Government decision; setting targets for all Government Ministries to promote a suitable representation of women; an examination of the salary components by which women earn 79% of men's salaries in parallel public service positions; creating a database of women; promoting networking among women; a pilot program for the employment of women from home; day care / summer programs for children of employees; and more. The ''Advanced Employer Badge'' is granted to a ministry or support unit that acts in a noteworthy manner and meets the proper representation targets.

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What's up with that?

This decision has been partially implemented, with parts of it having advanced in a satisfactory manner, such as: training on gender equality or implementing affirmative action for women in examination committees. However, other parts of the decision have either not been implemented at all or are in implementation stages marking a delay from the original schedule set by the decision. Among these are the fact that a Government decision has not passed for the adoption of the five-year plan (despite the fact that the plan has been fully developed and formed by the Civil Service Commission), the Advanced Employer Badge was not awarded on time, the pilot program for working from home which was scheduled to be developed by the end of 2014 commenced only in 2016, and day care / summer programs for children of employees have not been initiated.

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מיושם חלקית
Women in Public Service
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