Adoption of the main recommendations of the Committee to Examine the Government's Policy Regarding Natural Gas in Israel (Zemach Committee report)

what was decided?

The government decision adopts the main recommendations of the “Committee on Natural Gas” in Israel (the Zemach Committee) with the aim of regulating Israel's natural gas. The decision determines the amount of natural gas that will reach the local economy from each reservoir, the quantity of gas to be exported to other countries, the future tax rate to be collected and the specialized infrastructures which need to be developed.

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What's up with that?

The government decision has not been implemented. The gas alignment iniative has still not passed, international contracts have not been signed, only a small number of factories have been connected to the natural gas line and the taxation legislation has not been completed. Three years following the Zemach Committee recommendations we can say that a large part of the report's conclusions have either not been implemented nor are at a significant delay from the original schedule of the decision.

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