Publication of permits and contracting documents between State authorities and private companies.

what was decided?

According to the government decision, as of June 2014, government ministries are required to publish contracting documents involving public services or public resources on the website of the governmental unit for freedom of information. The obligatory publication should not be limited to raw data, but it should include the contract or permit itself. The decision was made as part of the government's policy to promote transparency and expand the distribution of information in favor of the public. The Minister of Justice will report to the government on the implementation of this government decision, no later than one year, following its publication.

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What's up with that?

The government decision was very partially implemented. As of January 2016, out of thousands of relevant contracts signed each year, the website of the central unit for freedom of information contained only 36 contracts and two permits. On the part of the governmental unit for freedom of information, a website has been established, and the government has received its due report.

מיושם חלקית
An initiated publication of governmental tenders and contracts
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