Implementation of government decisions regarding day care centers

what was decided?

In 2012 the government decided to adopt the recommendations of the Trachtenberg Committee in the field of education and specifically day care centers (decision 4088) and to act to increase the availability of day care centers in Israel. It was further agreed that the legislation proposal to supervise the centers would be approved. A further decision (149) made in 2013 involved subsidizing day care centers so as to encourage parental employment. In November 2015 the government approved its decision 631, by which a professional bi-ministerial team would be established in order to discuss the transfer of the authority over day care centers and pre-nursery centers from the Ministry of the Economy to the Ministry of Education. 

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What's up with that?

As at February 2017, a total of 16 new day care centers have been built, serving 1,200 children - less than 5% of the target set in the government decision. The decision to define legal standards for day care centers for toddlers was not implemented. Moreover, regulations regarding pedagogic, physical and safety standards - were not formed. The intention to subsidize day care centers for working parents - was abandoned.

The decision to enable the “laundering” of existing institutions, allowing private day care centers for toddlers to be acknowledged as such - was not implemented because of a legislation process that was never completed.

A committee was formed to examine the transfer of authorities from the Ministry of the Economy to the Ministry of Education. However, the committee decided that it was not within its authority to reach a decision on the matter. Eventually in 2016 the day care division was transferred to the Ministry of Welfare.

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