National Program for extending support to Holocaust Survivors

what was decided?

The Holocaust Survivors support program was initiated by the 33rd government as one of the "Yesh Atid" party's leading programs.  The program included a package of financial benefits to survivors including an elevated minimum monthly allowance, annual grant for Holocaust Survivors who are not entitled for a monthly allowance, eligibility for free medication, and increased welfare benefits. Towards this end, the program included a series of changes and adjustments to the State budget, to be implemented by the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services and the National Insurance Institute. The governmental authorities responsible for implementing the program are the Ministry of Finance via the Authority for Rights of Holocaust Survivors, the Ministry of Welfare and the National Insurance Institute. One of the main policy changes included in the decision is the equalization of rights for Holocaust Survivors who immigrated to Israel after 1953 and are not eligible for benefits under the Disabled Victims of Nazi Persecution Law. The purpose of the program was to reduce the increasing gaps between Survivors by ensuring equal eligibility for all Holocaust Survivors in Israel.

What's up with that?

The National Program for extending support to Holocaust Survivors has been almost completely implemented. The required legislation amendments were made, existing support tools at the National Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Welfare have been expanded for additional populations who had not been historically eligible for them, and additional financial benefits were given, by increasing the minimum compensation, the annual grant, and the compensation given to the spouse after the survivor has passed away. However, during 2015 the Welfare services were not reinforced by a sum of NIS 40 million as decided, but only by NIS 7 million. During 2016 the services were reinforced by NIS 47 million.

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Holocaust Survivors Support Program
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