Adoption of the recommendations of the Committee for a gendered evaluation of Israel’s State Budget

what was decided?

The government decision adopts the recommendations of the report of the Committee for a gendered evaluation of Israel’s State Budget, recommending a graded implementation of the obligation to conduct a gendered analysis of the entire State budget. The decision adopts an outline by which by 2018, 100% of the budgets of the ministries and their support units would be analyzed in this way. The analysis will be published alongside the budget and will include the State’s income from taxation and information regarding the gendered distribution of guarantees given by the State as well as its contracts. In order to follow-up and control the obligation to include a gendered analysis, it was agreed that a steering committee would be formed, headed by the Deputy Budgets Commissioner at the Ministry of Finance.

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What's up with that?

As at November 2016 this decision has been only partially implemented. The gendered analysis of the budgets of the ministries for 2015 was integrated with their implementation targets for 2016. The gendered analysis of the 2017 budget is also expected to be integrated with the gendered analysis of the 2018 budget. During June and July 2016 all government ministries submitted gendered analyses of their budgets in order to facilitate the gendered examination of the 2018 budget. Nearly all of them did not meet the 100% requirement. The 2015-2016 tax policy report includes a partial gendered analysis, covering some of the tax benefits. There is no data regarding the gendered distribution of State guaranties and the contracts in which the State is a party. A steering committee was formed and convenes, and also instructs the professional sources at the government ministries on the gendered analysis of their budgets.

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Gendered examination of the budget
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