EzGov is an app that brings you mobile all government decisions and laws of the Knesset in a simple, readable and custom.
The app accessible to all important public decisions that affect the lives of all of us, and often we do not even know of their existence.
Any decision on EzGov briefly worded simple and understandable language, gets tagged and subject matter also allows sharing and making friends through the dissemination of social networks.


We are pleased to provide you with Web version of the interface where you can consume your government decisions, Knesset laws and decisions of the Ministerial Committee on Legislation.
Full use of the experience, we invite you to download the free app EzGov online stores:

Download for iPhone Download for Android

CECI is proud to present the EzGov
Here you will find continuous information on all decisions made on the cabinet and the Knesset and understand what they say

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