Increasing the efficiency of judicial court proceedings

what was decided?

The Government decision passed as part of the Government's 2013-2014 Economic Plan. The decision expressed the need to create improved tools to be used by the judicial system in order to increase the efficiency of legal procedures and regulate work loads between courts. In practice, the decision includes a number of legislation changes aimed at reducing the duration of legal proceedings, reducing costs and reducing the number of files dealt with by each judge. The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the implementation of the decision.

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What's up with that?

The Government decision has been partially implemented, including implementation of legislation changes regarding increasing the authorities of senior registrars, the use of the Courts Net System and revisions to the Execution of Judgement Law. However, the legislation revision on the reduction of fees paid to court has not been completed, nor was the increase of the claimed amount at the offices of execution of judgments, although this was part of the Government decision.

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Improving the efficiency of the judicial system
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