Civil Servant Recognition Awards

For contributing to the promotion on governance, public administration and political sciences

The Israel Political Science Association and the Citizens' Empowerment Center, announce that an award of recognition will be awarded to a civil servant whose work has made a significant contribution to promoting governance, public administration and political sciences.


The purpose of the award, offered this year for the first time, is to strengthen and support leaders of initiatives, programs and reforms in the public sector, whose work has resulted in a system-wide impact which improves governance and the government’s service for the benefit of the public.


The award will be presented during the annual conference of the Israel Political Science Association to be held on the 18th of May 2017.


  • The public is invited to submit nominations for the award via the following online form. Nominations will be received no later than March 10th, 2017.
  •  Nominees should be civil servants currently serving in the civil services / governmental corporations and companies / local authorities.
  • The award is granted to individuals and not to teams or organizational units within the public sector.

Nominations will be reviewed and examined by the award committee, while considering the following criteria:

  •   Impact of the nominee’s work on a system-wide improvement of the public sector
  •  Development, promotion and implementation of ground-breaking and perception-altering steps in the methods of work of the public sector
  •  A unique contribution to promoting the quality of decision making and policy implementation
  •  The development of innovative tools for the public ‘toolbox’, enabling expansion and scalability
  • Courage, determination and leadership in the implementation of change
  •  Assimilation of citizen-centered methodologies, models and perceptions which contribute to the establishment of trust between the public and governmental systems